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The Big Island is a source of inspiration for numbers of artists and visitors thanks to its peerless charm and beauty. Anyone who wants to travel into the island will enjoy the marvels of the authentic wonderful landscapes. Each region, either into highland than through the coasts get its respective colors and originalities.

An unforgettable escape awaits you who expect about the opportunity to discover Madagascar for its footstep, its civilization (its people, its custom, its tradition, its culinary art and food,... And why not to share this with us as a daily life!

Feel In Tours Madagascar is an Incoming Malagasy Tour Operator,

Travel and tours builders in Madagascar, FIT Mada offers an exceptional organized trip meticulously concepted in order to give you full experience of wild Sensation in Madagascar appropriate to all.

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Feel in Tours Madagascar


Our task and pride are to prove that our company Feel in Tours Madagascar has the value of 15 years of experience in the field of tourism and travel business as Tour Operator.
So our agency is founded for bringing the best for any arrangement within the country and wishing to share with you sensation and feeling to discover the Big Island in ONE meaning “ FIT Full Inclusive Tour”. With a dynamic and active team, our main purpose is:
- sharing with you our passion for Madagascar, to ensure you an authentic and unforgettable trip of « Feeling »More info


We take care of customers upon their arrival at the airport until the end of their trip in Madagascar:

  • Meeting at the airport or other places
  • Individual or Group Transfers
  • Discovery Tours ( for individual or group)
  • Land trip and marine excursions
  • French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian,…. speaking guide and the local ones
  • Car Rental
  • Hotels booking and other types of accommodation
  • National Flight booking and confirmation
  • Incentives and association or organisation travel
  • Workshops and road map
  • Cruises, shore excursions, meeting and transfers, private tours,…


  • Profit from our experiences to foster your customer loyalty
  • Take advantage of our knowledge of the destination to offer to your customers services of quality and other proposals advises.
  • A company for a sustainable business relationship, built on the high quality for mutual interest
  • Team available at work for phoning, e-mailing or skyping
  • 100% flexible trip according to your wish and expectation
  • Ratio Price - Quality
  • Emergency call number 24h/24 during your trip

Your Trip

Our years of experience in the tailor made allow us to build any tour you intend to do. Traveling by alone, couple or with family, small or big group, school, incentive trip, we find any idea to make better itinerary as your interests.

Together and closely, we carefully think about the best program, transportation, and accommodation according to your budget. Your choice to be with Feel In Tours Mada, ensure you a whole security and guarantees of one Licensed Tour Operator

Please, feel free to contact us, we are waiting for you, and will be happy to advise you to the preparation of your dreaming trip.

« Let’s share the same feeling »


FEEL IN TOURS Madagascar invites you well to discover the Big Island in all size. Our country Madagascar is fourth biggest island in the word located in the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia. With its 592 000 Km2 of surface and its 5 000 Km of coastline and seaside, the Big island offers to visitors a great opportunity to enjoy: wild life, art and culture, landscapes and sea side. In fact four out of five plant or animals species in Madagascar are found nowhere else on the planet. This is also a land of culture heritage under the ancestor custom and believes as the Famadihana “Body turning ceremony” celebrated during austral winter from July to September as well as the Sambatra “collective circumcision” during the journey on the high land or in the deep south, we can see local tombs painted of rich color and decorated of ALO-ALO like a totem which mean the scene life.

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FIT Discoveries

Red Tsingy
FIT Sun Feeling

This tour is generally designed for travelers who visit Madagascar for the first time. Popular and well-known itinerary. It gathers visit of national parks and rich snap of exceptional landscapes.
A cheerful population with hearty hospitality will be your trip partners. More info

FIT Adventure

Train Manakara-Fianarantsoa

Our purpose is to offer you an original and incomparable travel into sens of adventure and exploration, set aside for travelers who love trekking, exotic landscapes and to be in touch with local peoples. You will find out each region with its diversity of landscapes and leave an unique experience.

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FIT Beach and Relax

Enjoy your stay with comfort and style

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the World with an unforgettable and magic beach resort and water sports: skin diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, kite surfing,… Enjoy your stay at the best and most wonderful beaches of Madagascar.

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FIT Car Rental


Whether you are traveling at your own pace, whether you are an individual or a family, we provide cars adapted to your needs, our drivers guide will ensure your safety during your entire ride and they will satisfy you.

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